MF Luder (mf_luder_xf) wrote,
MF Luder

Coming on to take part in the great DW migration

Hey everyone who is still here! If you are, I just want to let you know I am making the total move to Dreamwidth here. I've been meaning for years to move all my fics over there anyway, but now it's just going to happen without the edits/rewrites I'll be deleting this journal soon, though not right away.

Anyway, please friend me over there!

And don't forget my tumblr where I'm most active these days:

Also, I do have an AO3 account, I just haven't started putting my fics up there yet. But if you have ever enjoyed my fics and want to read any I may write in the future, feel free to subscribe to me there:

I think what makes me sad about all this? (Aside from certain new policies.) A) I grew up on here, particularly fandom-wise. And b) all the fics lost. How many comms that didn't save to AO3, how many individuals that didn't/don't have AO3 or their own website? I'm so sad over all that lost writing and creativity.

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