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24 December 2013 @ 10:10 pm
insmallpackages wish fill: favorite incest ships  

Top cest ships:
1. Nathan/Peter Petrelli (Heroes)
2. Nathan/Peter/Claire (Heroes)
3. girl!Sam or girl!Dean/Sam or Dean (Supernatural)
4. Wanda/Pietro Maximoff (Marvel)
5. Oliver/Thea Queen (Arrow)

1. Nathan/Peter Petrelli

At one time, Sam/Dean was my number one ship. Given I am more of a Destiel shipper now (when I feel in a Supernatural mood), Nathan/Peter has slid easily into number one. Unlike S/D, this pairing has never faded. (Still bitter about the clusterfuck Heroes turned into!) Give me these two pre-show, give me a story post any season...hell, Nathan!Sylar is the sole version of Sylar I can tolerate (fic-wise, that is). The show crafted such a strange vision of a brotherly relationship (I mean, I know they're Italian, but is anyone really that "friendly" with their brother??) that is was impossible not to ship for me. It was the us versus them dynamic of Mulder and Scully - something I've loved forever. For all their fights and disagreements, Nathan is the only one who understand Peter - even when he doesn't. Nathan takes care of Peter no matter what. And Peter is the only one who can bring Nathan back from the edge. It's amazing to me they aren't twins because I've always viewed them as each other's half.

It's still my favorite pairing to write, too. They've always been the easiest for me to capture their personalities and relationship.


What It Is and What It Is Not

This is a lovely backstory leading up to the Pilot episode that shows some of the tension between Peter and his family and how he and Nathan fall together. Engaging with some very heart-racing sexual tension and sex scenes.

The Making of Nathan Petrelli

A wonderful collection of stories that develop Nathan and Peter's relationship as both brothers and as something more. It's a great backstory to them and to Nathan on his own. Emotional, engaging, and incredibly hot. Make sure to read the warnings.

Gifs (none made by me):

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2. Nathan/Peter/Claire

While Nathan/Peter is kind of an OTP for me and thus I am putting this separate, I do love any combination, including threesomes of all the Petrellis (ok, the younger ones). It started before Claire was revealed to be Nathan's daughter and everyone was writing Peter/Claire fics. And then later, whelp, it was too late. And it's a weird thing for me: Nathan/Claire? Totally cool. I mean, do you remember that Mexico/tequila/frat boy scene? THAT WAS NOT FATHER/DAUGHTER. But Claire/HRG fics? NOPE. I guess I draw a line at parent figure who raised you? IDK. Anyway, it's an exceedingly hot pairing/threesome.


Lay It Down by poisontaster

The Ghost Between Us by poisontaster

3. girl!Sam or girl!Dean/Sam or Dean

While I may have moved on from Sam/Dean, for some reason, even when I actively shipped classic Sam/Dean, there was something about one of them being a girl. It put a different spin on the relationship. It changed power dynamics and even the lifestyle. While I can't find any fics I've saved with this specific pairing (ugh, sorry!) I recall one that mentioned Dean (I think it was Dean) being on her period and the problems she faced being a girl hunting.Perhaps I liked the girl!aspect more than the girl-in-incest aspect, but this is a pairing that was fascinating and often more nuanced than a classic Sam/Dean fic.

4. Wanda/Pietro Maximoff

To be honest, I think I've read a total of one fic that actually included any suggestions to these siblings as a pairing. And so maybe it's just that I like incest...but there's something about these two. I get that us versus them feel again. Yet, they have different reactions to their father most of the time. As Avengers, I simply imagine them constantly being in each other's presence. At the end of the day, they will never be apart, no matter what crazy shit may happen to them or the world at large.

5. Oliver/Thea Queen

Ok, this is all because I like the occasional 'cest ship. To be honest, I'm a hardcore Olicity shipper (or Oliver/Laurel in comics, or Oliver/Chloe in Smallville), but season 1 of Arrow? Oh, I totally dug the relationship between a returning Oliver and his suddenly grown up sister. The scene where she's looking at his scars? Not very sibling-ish. Just sayin'. Sadly, I've only read a few fics and none stand out for me to rec. But I keep looking for that truly epic fic!

Random 'cest ship:

Speranza wrote a Stargate: Atlantis fic where John and Rodney turn out to be brothers. Reading the story, that twist was a surprise for me, but I also read it when I was (heavily) into Sam/Dean so it didn't bother me. I still really enjoy the fic.

Last Will and Testament by Speranza

Wisher, I feel bad not proving more visuals or even more fics to read. I'm not actively shipping any cest ships right now (to be honest, my fanfic reading generally is very little - just no time) so that puts me at a disadvantage for this wish. Yet, I do so love these pairings that I had to take a shot at the wish. I hope you enjoy these fics (and that hopefully you haven't read them all) and the post. Happy holidays!
drudrvsilla on January 14th, 2014 01:42 am (UTC)
I loved reading this! Thank you. :D

Particularly inclined after reading your #1 reasons and thoughts -- and to include Clare in there too. Long ago, far away, I watched season 1 of Heroes. I stopped after that. Nathan/Peter twigged for me but I never sought out any fic. Looking forward to checking out your recs.

Thanks again! This was great & much appreciated.
MF Luder: SuperBatmf_luder_xf on January 15th, 2014 06:01 pm (UTC)
Haha, sometimes I wish I'd dropped Heroes after season 1, but there are still some choice Petrelli scenes in there and frankly, that's what I watched it for (the carnivale plot of S4 was actually ok, too). I also like that HRG and Claire truly make up by the end.

Yay! I'm glad you liked and I hope you enjoy the recs!