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21 November 2013 @ 12:26 am
John Winchester rant  

Alright, so I am qualifying my statement with I haven't seen this week's (or last week's for that matter) SPN episode. However, I am getting progressively angrier as I scroll through tumblr. At this point, I'm beginning to think it's less the John haters in the wrong as the writers.

If the episode plays out as it appears it does - with allusions to bruises on Dean from John, with John saying Dean can rot in jail - I am furious and shame on the writers. Is John a perfect father? Absolutely not. He was absent. He was even negligent, leaving an 8 year old to care for a 4 year old. He yelled at his kids and raised them very much as soldiers. He had some harsh words for Dean after the shtriga incident - but you know what? My mom has had harsh words for me when I did something that did or nearly caused dramatic harm to myself or another. Did John place too much responsibility on a young child? Absolutely. But John loved those boys. He loved Mary. He thinks he's right in everything because he's a strong stubborn man and thus, for all S1 one, he leaves the boys on their own. But Shadows admits that the boys are his weakness. John wants to PROTECT them, so he stays away. He hugs them. He CRIES. He apologizes for fighting with Sam. He tells Dean to KILL HIM so that the demon riding his body does not kill them. He comes back as a ghost to kill the demon to PROTECT his children - not himself. He is NOT the righteous man, John does not torture while in Hell.

What, of any of that, much less considering the flashback scenes in S4, indicate John was an abuser? What of that says he'd let Dean rot? If nothing more than he depended and demanded Dean look after Sam. Which is not what John thought about Dean.

Look, I understand abusive relationships are very complex. I am not denying that. I know men will hit their wives and then be loving for days/however long after. I have been a victim of abuse and seen it happen to others firsthand. I am not denying complexity. But this dramatically shown physical abuse from John is so OOC, I can't even handle it. And I hate that after 9 years, now John haters feel vindicated and are crowing over how they've been right all along when Eric Kripke - creator of the show - did not write John that way. If this is their interpretation, along with their bullshit of Castiel this season (not to mention the last 4 seasons), I am SO DONE. They have turned my show into something I hardly recognize anymore.
leoraine: dean_youngleoraine on November 21st, 2013 07:52 am (UTC)
Uhm. I've just finished watching the episode, and I must admit I haven't yet been to tumblr for reactions so... for me... this is the first I hear that the bruises are supposed to be from John. Dean said himself they were from a werewolf, and there's no reason not to believe him.

As for John leaving him at the ranch, yeah, that seems a little bit OOC and pretty cold, but maybe he left him there because he knew he won't be able to give Dean and Sam enough money to last till the end of the hunt, and it was easier to just drop Sam off at Bobby's than try to get Dean out of the situation?

MF Luder: TNW Sterekmf_luder_xf on November 21st, 2013 05:31 pm (UTC)
With the bruises, they're recalling that in the S2 werewolf episode, the boys say they've never actually come across a werewolf until then. I'm inclined to think it's a case of writers not bothering to figure out their own backstory, but I saw some pretty vehement comments that that clearly indicated the bruises were from John and Dean was lying. TBH, that was the post that through me over the edge on this whole thing. (I guess I managed to follow a bunch of John haters who just also happen to be Destiel/Castiel fans.)

I wouldn't be surprised if that was what John had done (though I still think a canon John would have hauled him out of there, had a few choice words, and sent them both off with Bobby or Pastor Jim)...I'm hoping when I watch it, the Sheriff (or whoever the cop is) is the one putting words in John's mouth with the whole "rot in there" thing. I just got so frustrated because it seems like the writers wanted people to interpret it as John being abusive.
(Deleted comment)
MF Luder: TW Allisonmf_luder_xf on November 21st, 2013 05:39 pm (UTC)
The post I came across (and the one that spurred me to write this rant) was pointing out that in the werewolf ep back in S2, they boys say they've never actually dealt with a werewolf before that point. Thus, Dean's story must be a lie, thus John left those bruises. In my mind, it's the writer's forgetting canon as usual, but for the John haters, it was clear proof that John left those bruises.

Eh, I do think Dean is a little young to be of that generation, but I can see the point. I am hoping when I watch the ep, it appears that the cop is the one using the words "rot in there" and not John (trying to punish Dean by making it seem like his dad doesn't care). Again, I don't know the full context, but I find both the words, and leaving Dean for 2 months to be entirely OOC (As I said above, I think John would have hauled his ass out of there, had some choice words, and then left both the boys with Pastor Jim or Bobby) and that is completely on the writers.