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25 October 2013 @ 01:36 pm
Requesting feminist arguments  
Question for my fellow feminists...do you know of any articles/journal articles/comics, anything that would explain the difference between women campaigning to be "allowed" topless in public but objecting to seeing boobs on TV? My (male) students weren't buying my argument about one being about equal opportunity and equal status and the other being an objection to objectification ("because you see men's boobs all the time!"). I'm thinking if I complied some links by people smarter than me, it would explain it better and maybe even convince one or two about the differences.

Anything would be appreciated!
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MF Luder: Arrow Felicitymf_luder_xf on October 25th, 2013 07:07 pm (UTC)
See, while I would never go around half naked (admittedly, probably because I've been socialized to not like my boobs/feel self-conscious), I get the argument. Technically, if women can walk around bare-shirted, it *desexualizes* breasts because it places them on the same level as simply flesh on the chest, as it is seen with men. But objecting to seeing boobs on screen is done because boobs ARE still seen as sexual objects and so the act of revealing boobs on TV currently still shows sexualization of women. So as long as female boobs are seen as sexual objects, women can argue against the dominance of them on TV while fighting for them to be desexualized.

There was an article I read a few weeks ago discusses some tribes where women when asked by the anthropologists about their boobs hanging out being odd (or something) they laughed at the idea that in western culture boobs are seen as sexual because in their culture they're only there to nurse. I need to find that again.

Hopefully someone helps me! I'm terrible with the google-fu. I also have a sociologist friend I'm going to ask who may know more than me for the academic stuff.
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