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23 November 2013 @ 06:58 pm
Hunger Games and Divergent  
Just got home from Catching Fire. My reaction:

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I want to see it again. Suffice to say, it's convinced me to actually read the books. Some time. When I have time.

But, there was also a preview for a movie called Divergent that looks similar a bit - girl begins revolution theme - but still interesting. Anyone read it? It seems to have gotten movie rights fast as apparently the third book just came out last month (or was supposed to) but the first (only?) movie comes out in March. Is it any good? Also, anyone know anything about the author? Basically, is this another Cassandra Clare-type book, is what I'm asking.

Final thought, that I had when watching the Divergent trailer and knowing the theme of Catching Fire...we keep having all these movies about people beginning revolutions, overthrowing the government. Yet, in RL, Occupy Wall Street went nowhere. Could we propose that these movies satisfy our need for rebellion, fulfill our questioning? Do we look at these movies and recognize only the differences (i.e. legalized partitioning, scientific tests to sort people) and not recognize the similarities(extreme wealth disparity, materialism and entertainment to keep people too occupied)? Are we too comfortable in our own lives?
Siberian Skys: Jeremysiberian_skys on November 24th, 2013 01:11 am (UTC)
I've read all three of the Hunger Games books and the first two Divergent books. Divergent is really good. I didn't like the sequel as much. I am looking forward to the movie. You should read the Hunger Games books. I think they did a really good job with Catching Fire. It follows the book. Since we're talking YA book series, I'm on book four of City of Bones. It is really, really good. I thought book three was too slow. I like book four as well as I liked book one. I think Divergent is a lot closer to Hunger Games than it is to Cassandra Clare. Cassandra Clare, to me, is more Stephanie Meyer, but better written.

I would suspect that most 15- year-olds wouldn't know if Occupy Wall Street slapped them in the face. I'd say the rebellious themes in so many of these YA series have more to do with teenage rebellion that any real life political frustration among adults.

You need to watch the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary special. I'm still shocked that Moffit didn't fuck it up.

And I ficed. I wrote some more of that Tony/Clint poly thing I wrote over the summer. I'm still struggling with the intoabar fic. I hope I get that done by the due date. How did I get assigned Balthasar? That's just mean.
bookwyrm95bookwyrm95 on November 25th, 2013 06:41 am (UTC)
The last book in the Divergent trilogy just came out last month. I really enjoyed it and of course it was a different dystopia from Hunger Games. Basically at the age of 16, everyone takes a test to determine what faction they are best suited for and it is bad to be "divergent" or someone who can be in multiple factions.

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