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22 October 2013 @ 08:51 pm
Unhappy spoiler for Supernatural  

Oh, Show. Two women dead in 3 episodes. Why do I watch this show anymore?

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Why all the pearls?Why all the hair?Why anything?: MishaJensenJiB2013rhymephile on October 23rd, 2013 05:35 am (UTC)
RIGHT? What's even worse is that they always seem to stick a "funny" episode in after there's this HUGE HUGE HUUUUUUGE issue introduced, and fuck that episode with its plot holes (Cas is shielded from angels -- with a tattoo that costs at least a couple hundred dollars -- and the rogue reaper needs to follow Dean and Sam to find Cas, but April can stumble upon him in an alley?) and its retconning with angel swords being able to kill reapers and making Cas SO EFFING STUPID OVER AND OVER and the fuck??? He's been around humans for so long now you'd think he'd know that the thing he picked up and toyed around with from Dean's toiletries case back in "Hunteri Heroici" is what you use on your teeth and GAH.

The only bright part was Jensen's voice breaking when he thought Cas was dead.
MF Luder: SPN Chuck!Godmf_luder_xf on October 24th, 2013 05:00 pm (UTC)
Yes! I mean, we're probably not even going to see the rest of the conversation. Just Sam asking Dean why Cas left when he was safer in the bunker. Ugh, it was such horrible storytelling. Why would Ezekiel heal Cas only to send him back out to get killed again? I HATE SHODDY WRITING. And yes, incompetant Cas drives me nuts!!! I don't mind his comments about needing to pee or whatever, I feel like he'd make those, yes. And ugh, I just am assuming he didn't have a toothbrush as why he ate a bunch of toothpaste. ARGH.

The other night I referred to Arrow as Show in my head. I think I really am transitioning over and away (not that it'd be the first time, but I am just so exhausted by it).