MF Luder
15 September 2014 @ 11:03 pm
Anyone here watch Numb3rs back in the day? I'm on like S3E5ish now and I can't believe how sucked in I got. Shit, the show's making me want to know more about math! I get really excited when I know what Charlie is talking about, like network analysis or logistic regression.

I also LOVE Megan and Larry together. He's just left for space now; I hope he comes back at some point? :( But, more proof I have a thing for brawn/brains combo. And for once, it's a het pairing! I just really have a type.

I am particularly intrigued by Don Eppes, though. So normally, when I end up liking a slash (or femmeslash) pairing, my characters are always bi in my head (unless they are identified as gay, like in Queer As Folk). I see canon het relationships and then I like them with a guy and it just fits both canon and my head canon. Obviously, I know that there are people out there who only very late and after being married come out and identify as gay or lesbian. But often I try to take canon in with my head canon and as a result, I prefer to write and read my stories with the characters as bi. Don, is a rare case where, in my head, he is gay. To me, it's two part. One, I simply do not see sexual chemistry between him and the girls they put him with. Now, the character (or the actor?) exudes when he starts making out with Liz in S3, the way he kind of stalks her a bit (with his movements, not creepily) was incredibly HOT. But then, he starts kissing her and it just fizzled for me. Like, it did not feel like there was anything between the characters at all. Two, I feel like Don being gay would explain several aspects of his personality? Like, why he doesn't date that much. I see Don not out to his family, for fear of their reaction. He's always felt he had to be a model for Charlie; I could see him worrying that he wouldn't be the right kind of model, despite Charlie being a grown man. But if Don knew he was gay around 20 or even 25, Charlie would still have been young and "impressionable". I also understand that while the FBI doesn't (didn't) have DADT, it is a "masculine" position/organization - particularly when you consider his past in manhunting. I really see that as an influence on Don's attitude towards homosexuality - that he might present an image that wasn't tough enough, or wouldn't be respected by his peers if he came out. And finally, what makes Don a weird character for me, is that I don't ship him with anyone. It looks like Don/Charlie was the number one pairing, but nope. I just don't see him with anyone who has been on the show. So I have a head canon that's entirely different from the show, and I don't ship him with anyone. Basically, I want to write and read Don/OMC. Which, there was like 3 on AO3. And no one reads those (is there anyone in this fandom anymore, anyway?). It's a very strange place for me.

I also, feel like Don Eppes and John Sheppard would be either besties, or twins separated at birth. Their manerisms are similar, their attitude, down to their stride, even. I see a great deal of similarity between the two. (I mean, they even play big brother to a brother who got more care from Dad - Charlie because he was a genius and Dave because he was closer to their dad's ideal son than John was.)

Likewise, I really feel like Rodney McKay and Larry would be besties. Like, Larry would be the one guy in the physics community McKay would have gotten along with. They could certainly have epic food discussions (McKay with his lemons, Larry with his white food). Also, they can bond over their federal agent/military significant others and how they mess with their science orderly lives.

So I kind of want this SGA/Numb3rs crossover where McKay needs Larry in Atlantis or there's a Vegas-like situation where the Atlantis team ends up overseeing the LA FBI's case or something and they find out these connections...and John clues Don into coming out to his friends and family or something.Maybe John and Don even messed around at some point?!

Thinky thoughts, written into the void. :) (And yes, Skye, I know I should be watching Agents of
MF Luder
15 August 2014 @ 07:19 pm
Dammit! I've gone and fallen in love with a new pairing. Thank you, Eureka. The show itself is amusing at best, though the second season is better than the first, but I'm sunk. Other than Jo. Jo, I love.

Anyone hazard a guess?

Oh, yes. It has to be the scientist and the officer of the law. Nathan Stark and Jack Carter. Next in a line of many of that similar scientist/soldier or brains/brawn pairing. Although the brawns usually have brains, too, just not the genius engineering/physics type. More the strategy, common sense, "could have been in Mensa" type. (See what I did there?)

I do so have a type.

I swear, I didn't want to! At first, Carter and Allison were cute with their "not a thing" thing. And Allison is a wonderful female character. But then the competing for her began and then it turned into just general banter and bickering and a muttered "Mr and Mrs Macarena", and whoop! All I need is for someone to shoot someone in the leg and it's back to McShep I go with all my feelings. I kind of like Allison/Carter/Stark because it's weird to have the ex-husband hook up with the suitor without something happening in between, but at least in S2, the chemistry between Carter and Allison has died down. But I do like both Nathan and Jack caring about Allison (generally) and her son.

So now, I have all these plot bunnies for crossovers where Nathan Stark is either Tony Stark's brother or his clone (Nathan Stark actually deliberately having been based off Tony Stark). Though I have no time to write them, of course. And I'm going through AO3 for all the fic (PS: any recs? I'd love them!). And Nathan Stark is my new favorite. (I seriously need to watch GOT and find out if Stark is just my favorite name or something.)

I mentioned I have a type, right?

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MF Luder
25 July 2014 @ 04:38 pm
Questions for Mac users:

So about 6-8 months ago, using safari, tumblr began being the sloooooooowest thing ever. Everything else worked fine (including Netflix and youtube) but jump onto tumblr and images and pages took forever to load and the computer began to heat up.

Between 4-6 months ago (so precise, I know), I switched to firefox and tumblr worked ~beautifully. As did everything else.

Starting about 3 months ago and getting progressively worse on a daily basis, tumblr started not working well again. Then Netflix. Often LJ. Even my email and twitter work super slow sometimes. If I'm in more than two tabs, everything takes AGES to load or switch between tabs. Last night? A 3 minute youtube video wouldn't load for over half an hour, until I finally gave up. And if I'm doing more than typing an email (i.e. if I'm looking at pictures or tumblr or trying to watch a vid), my computer (the laptop itself and the adapter) gets BURNING hot (no seriously, it hurts) and the fan goes a mile a minute but clearly isn't working well enough. I haven't had any blue screens of death (yet) and everything seems to be working generally...I don't know how to tell if I have a virus. Or if it's a hardware issue? I know it's not the internet causing things to not load since my roommate's is fine. Supposedly, I still have 187 GB of data room left, too. Now, I know RAM is separate from memory, but at what point does RAM become an issue, when it hadn't been last year? I don't even do anything interesting on it (i.e. I've never gotten around to using Photoshop which I dled over a year ago) - I just type papers, listen to podfics (which run fine), read fic, and watch Netflix/streaming sites.

Basically, have you Mac folks had this kind of thing happen? If so, what was the problem? Was it expensive? (My computer only had a 1 year warranty and it's now 4 years old.)

I'm going to be without internet for at least a day thanks to moving issues so I thought I'd bring it into the Mac place in town, but I wanted to maybe have an idea before going in.
MF Luder
16 June 2014 @ 05:20 pm
Just wanted to say, I'm still here. There just hasn't been much fandom worthy stuff of late. I hate how sequels let me down; I can't get into DOFP the way I did XMFC. Particularly sad when First Class was what actually got me interested in the comics themselves (I'd seen the Iron Mans but only because I like RDJ, not because of comics). And I'm still not even caught up on shows from the winter. I have given up on SPN. All I ever feel is anger anymore; at fans and at TPTB.

One of these days (when my RL shit is together) I'm going to get around to putting fics up on AO3 or something. And maybe writing. Ha.

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Anyway, please link me to anything important and fun or not-fun that I've missed in my time away. What are YOU doing in your lives?!
MF Luder
27 May 2014 @ 02:19 am
I have come across a gif set of the Hugh/Michael/James interview on the Graham Norton show where Hugh and Michael are singing "Africa" and James comments its like he's at a wedding with his two uncles. I cannot find the video for the LIFE of me. Every google search I attempt either brings up the gif set or the clip where they're dancing to Blurred Lines. Does anyone have it?!

And while I'm at it, what was the Avengers interview where they started moving the set?
MF Luder
15 May 2014 @ 09:03 pm
What is this new layout? Are they trying to look like tumblr?! Someone make it stop!
MF Luder
28 April 2014 @ 03:56 pm
I just went on a rant about Tony on my tumblr because a) I've been reading some fics that aren't Steve/Tony and apparently if they're not together, Steve basically hates Tony or finds him immature or rude or fake or what-the-fuck-ever and b) people keep making gif sets pointing out Tony's line about knowing all of SHIELD's secrets (via the virus he used to find out about the tesseract) in Avengers and the outcome of Captain America 2 where, well, it seems like Tony missed some dirty secrets. Which yes, he did, but some of the sets out there seem very blame-y and I'm probably just super sensitive, but don't fucking touch Tony if you don't understand him or if you don't like him. I hate people who put character hate into a fic (or gif set, I guess) at the expense of the character.

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I know Tony has issues, ok. He's not an angel (figuratively or literally). He's done some shit-ass things like taking Pepper for granted (comics and MCU), not looking out for Happy (comics), locking up friends for not registering (comics). He's an alcoholic. But those issues are why he is who he is and Tony has growth and depth, even in MCU, and if you can't accept them, then just leave him alone. STOP BLAMING HIM. The sad thing is, Tony Stark would blame himself for not magically knowing Hydra had infiltrated SHIELD. He doesn't need everyone else blaming him for it, too.

MF Luder: unrepentant Tony Stark fan. I actually feel like those Dean-is-god fans out there, suddenly.

(In related news, I really wish I could find some Steve/Bucky fic that's either also Steve/Tony fic or at least is Steve/Tony friendship fic.)
MF Luder
15 April 2014 @ 11:53 am
If you haven't watch SHIELD from last week or seen Cap2 yet and plan not continue!

(And if you haven't done either but are interested in both, please make sure you see Cap2 BEFORE watching the April 8th SHIELD ep.)

brief musings on Agent WardCollapse )
MF Luder
19 March 2014 @ 06:23 pm
Does anyone have The Maze Runner (and maybe its sequels even) as an audiobook? If not, is there a streaming or DL site for audiobooks (that's not torrents)? I'm going out of town and I have problems falling asleep in that situation, so I'd really like a book to get me through - and in audio format so I'm not bothering my hotel mate.

Thanks in advance! ♥ (I'll screen comments since I'm leaving this post public.)
MF Luder
03 March 2014 @ 08:40 pm
I have a question. So, I've been seeing a lot of hate at Jared Leto for a) erasing/not acknowledging transpeople and b) not being a transwoman but cast in the role.

But here's what I am curious about...I wasn't old enough/into critical analysis/fandom when Transamerica came out. So, did Felicity Huffman get such arguments against her when she played a transwoman? And if not, what was the difference?
MF Luder
27 February 2014 @ 03:21 pm
Grabbed from siberian_skys:

Ask me my top five favorites in any category, fannish, non-fannish, etc.
MF Luder
26 February 2014 @ 10:02 pm
I cannot express my love for Arrow enough. Particularly its women. Anyone who wants more women: strong women, flawed women, women of color, women talking to each other, women caring about each other, women talking about men but also not talking about men, female friendship...this is your show. And I physically cannot express my joy at the characters.

vague spoilersCollapse )

In other, related news, I am so upset no one makes icons and layouts anymore. I just don't have the time or energy to create them anymore and I am dying for a slew of Sara and Sara/Felicity icons. Sigh.
MF Luder
09 February 2014 @ 05:38 pm
Does anyone know a community or user who still creates LJ layouts? Or an artist who still makes LJ banners? I'm terribly bored of my layout, I think I've had it for 3 years now. I'm particularly looking for DC/Marvel artists and layouts.

I feel like no one does LJ layouts anymore, only tumblr. Sigh. I miss the heyday of LJ.
MF Luder
05 February 2014 @ 04:37 pm

Go and check out the massive cornucopia of prompts over at the 15th porn battle! I don't know if I'll get anything written myself (though I hope to do at least one fic), but there's so many options and it's always fun to read the stories by others. There's an LJ and a DW post; as well you can use open id on the DW page. Go forth and write porn! Open until February 13th.

And if you want to write me some Sam/Jack/Malcom Barrett or Sam/Jack/Daniel, I'd love you forever.
MF Luder
23 January 2014 @ 12:30 pm
I just finished this adorable fic and I was literally squeeing over it. This is the Atlantis I love: where marines let kids paint their nails and no one bats an eye. Also, epic, tragic love. And Favorite Uncle Jack. ♥

The Tragic, Doomed, and Epic Life and Loves of Elizabeth Jean McKay, Plus Other Interesting Stuff by Deastar
MF Luder
10 January 2014 @ 01:22 pm
Apparently today is my 8th LJ anniversary. And about my 9th fandom overall anniversary. Technically I started reading Haven (X-Files forum) when I was about 17 and still in high school, but it wasn't until January of my freshman year of college that I ever read a fic. I consider that the true start of my fandom

Major fandoms in this time:
The X-Files
Stargate: Atlantis
Star Trek (2009) (no fic written)
XMFC (no fic completed)

Secondary fandoms (fic read, mostly lurking otherwise):
Good Omens (no fic written)
Teen Wolf (no fic written)

Others fandoms I've written for:
Kyle XY

Those were the days...
MF Luder
05 January 2014 @ 11:40 pm
You guys, I have the biggest problem rewatching SG1. You recall Share had a baby? Magical, all-knowing of the Goa'uld genetic memory baby? Who happens to be the son of a black (Egyptian) man and an olive-skinned Egyptian (technically alien, but her people were brought from Egypt) woman. And yet EVERY time they show the baby, HE IS SO WHITE, OMG.

I can't handle it.

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