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MF Luder
13 June 2016 @ 02:44 pm
I'm on a posting frenzy. Have I posted this often in one month since 2012? Apparently I also haven't posted any fic since 2012.

Title: Home is (wherever I’m with you)
Author: MF Luder
Pairing: Harold/John (Rinch)
Keywords: fluff, domesticity
Rating: PG
Word Count: ~2,400
Warnings: Schmoop?
Spoilers: None
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Summary: The revelation hits Reese so hard he sits down in the nearest chair on impact: turns out, they're married.
Feedback: skin.walker2y5@gmail.com
Author’s Notes: Betaed by kat_lair who did a lot of hefty work to fix my characterization. Thank you, hun! Remaining mistakes are mine as I’ve sat on this for months and then did last minute changes. Set vaguely somewhere in season 2.

Home is (wherever Im with you)Collapse )
MF Luder
12 June 2016 @ 02:24 pm
My heart is heavy. I hope my flist and their loved ones are safe. Take time to mourn. ♥

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MF Luder
09 June 2016 @ 12:59 pm
Happiest of birthdays to one of my longest and best fandom friends siberian_skys! You deserve all the good things. ♥

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MF Luder
08 June 2016 @ 04:56 pm
Apparently headcanoning Jensen Ackles as Michael Scofield was a popular thing back in the day and every time I read it in a fic I crack the fuck up.

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I think the best part may be that Jensen is still doing Supernatural and Wentworth is currently continuing Prison Break. So, nothing has really changed in 8+ years.
MF Luder
06 June 2016 @ 01:37 am
Well, it only took 3.5 seasons but I'm now on the Mahone/Scofield train. Anyone else a Prison Break fan back in the day? And does anyone have non-AO3 recs?

Also, how much do I love Sucre and Scofield's bromance? Besties 4eva.
MF Luder
06 May 2016 @ 03:06 pm
I saw Civil War last night. Overall, I really liked it. It was a good movie. SO much better than BVS. ( I know they're not a direct comparison, but CACW tackled some themes of BVS (collateral damage) and did it 10x better.) I will say, it did not have the emotional impact of the comics, because, as we all know, the Steve/Tony friendship has never been solid in MCU. I also think Steve was my least favorite character, though at many points I did agree with his statements, and at a few points was kind of like "Tony, stop and listen!". (Clint was kind of a dick, too.) I have many thoughts, but I also feel the need to see it again before truly processing anything, which sadly won't happen until school is done in 1.5 weeks.


Someone I was with, when we got out, literally said Tony Stark was the villain. Actually said those words together. And I just...

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I flipped. Dude actually took some steps back from me.

I am way too emotionally invested in Tony Stark. Typically I keep my ranting confined to the internet but...
MF Luder
09 April 2016 @ 04:08 pm
Trying to decide what to wear when I go to Civil War because I will show my Tony love no matter what. But, do I go with a shirt with Iron Man, or as Tony Stark? The only issue with going as Tony is my hair is not its usual brown at the moment - so will people get it?

Help me pick!

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(I don't have converse but I shows close enough and I could probably find something to look like the bracelet tech.)
MF Luder
01 February 2016 @ 11:19 pm
The one thing 2016 is being really good to me about? TV.

Lucifer. If you're not watching. GO WATCH. He's fabulous. The show is fabulous. I am in stitches every time. But it's also dark and human and intriguing.


Yes, that's right. FOX did by ep 2 what NBC suggested they might do in "20 years" with Constantine. And, I haven't read the Lucifer comics, but from what I can gleam via google, Lucifer isn't portrayed as bi in the comics? So FOX makes the devil bi (which yes, we can talk about how "evil" (male in particular) characters are more often portrayed as sexual minorities, but Lucifer is on a path perhaps to morally grey/goodish and is the protagonist), when NBC can't even acknowledge a canon character's bisexuality.

I honestly don't know if I'm most in love with FOX, with Neil Gaiman for creating the character, or Tom Ellis for playing him so spectacularly.

Me, right now:

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MF Luder
04 January 2016 @ 12:25 pm
Does anyone on my flist cosplay or have a friend who is a serious cosplayer? I'm curious about forums and communities out there where people a) talk cosplay, but b) get to know each other so that you kind of know someone at a con you've never been to before. (I know such things used to exist for conventions themselves back in the day but it was on LJ and I don't know if such communities are still alive and kicking.)

And I know I can google, but I wanted to see if anyone had connections at or a good forum to recommend/maybe a forum to stay away from kind of suggestions first.

Merci! :)
MF Luder
03 January 2016 @ 01:29 am
Apparently it's a thing to write "reader" fanfic...where it's all written in second person so that the reader is actually "you"...and some of these stories then include main character/reader smut?

It is the epitome of self insert fic. It is not trying to hide itself at all. And I just...?

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MF Luder
27 December 2015 @ 11:29 am
I'm looking for some 80's/early 90's punk love and/or dirty songs. Think Billy Idol or The Cure (the two examples I can think of hence why I'm asking, lol). Basically, what would the "baby-making" punk music of the 80's be? Bonus points if they're British singers/groups, but they do not have to be by any means.

Also, following the same criteria, but songs that maybe focus on or at least mention the occult? By occult I mean things like "The Reaper" or like King's "Born Under A Bad Sign".
MF Luder
24 December 2015 @ 03:53 pm

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MF Luder
03 December 2015 @ 12:45 am
Between the Flarrow crossover and tonight's BvS trailer: I AM IN DC HEAVEN.

I was so upset regarding the Civil War trailer (and the reactions I saw after - and keep seeing). DC has saved me this week, though. I still have some quips with BvS (like why is Lex speaking in such a high voice? why must Bruce be 50?), I am loving every new thing I see more and more. Wonder Woman is QUEEN.

I have just totally flipped on my preference for Civil War over BvS. Watched the CW trailer once and sobbed. And kept sobbing after because people are dicks and I get emotional over Tony Stark. Watched the BvS trailer 6 times and am still:

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At least we know Batman and Superman will be friends by the end!
MF Luder
03 December 2015 @ 12:36 am
Happy (technically belated) birthday, rhymephile!

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MF Luder
05 October 2015 @ 05:06 pm
Marvel: appears to announce another Civil War, on the heels of Original Sin and featuring Iron Man fighting Sam Wilson!Cap.


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What slays me every time is Stan Lee setting out to make an on-the-surface horrible character well-liked. Make him human. And Marvel since 2000 has just been like HAHAHAH IRON MAN IS AN ASSHOLE AND CAP IS FUCKYEAHAMERICA AND EVERYONE LOVES CAP AND SHOULD HATE IRON MAN. EVEN THOUGH WE'RE ALSO GOING TO MAKE A IRON MAN MOVIE. THAT'S JUST BECAUSE HE'S SHINY AND WE CAN SHOW HIM BEING AN ASSHOLE TO WOMEN.

Whoever the fuck is at Marvel just does not understand Tony. Or Steve given their jingoistic interpretation.

Civil War:

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*Caveat: Those of you who know me, know I actually love the original Civil War. But Marvel keeps playing the same theme of Steve vs Tony and IT MAKES NO FUCKING SENSE. Why are they enemies?!?!
MF Luder
26 September 2015 @ 05:54 pm
I will never understand why all fics on fanfic.net seems to have an exorbitant amount of exclamation points! Everyone and most statements seem so unnecessarily excited. It is honestly so hard read any fics there!

(See what I did there?)

MF Luder
14 September 2015 @ 06:44 pm
"What's up?" meme yanked from bitter_crimson

So what have you been up to?

School. Trying to juggle the million things I have going on all while wanting to do nothing but read for-pleasure books and fanfic.

Major life changes? Same old same old?

Same old. Still single, still working on my dissertation, still not writing. Just another year older!

What fandom are you in/do you spend most of your time in?

Dark Matter. Person of Interest at the moment! And this summer I went on another Sterek kick and got around to reading some of the backlog of fics I've had saved.

Where do you hang out online?

tumblr mostly, despite the lack of any interaction I get. My follower number even dramatically ticked up over the summer, and I still can't get a response to a meme or even for drabble prompts!

What are you reading?

Nothing fun. At this moment, I'm reading Celia, A Slave.

What are you watching?

Person of Interest. Rewatch of The X-Files and Justice League.

What are you making?

I will be making a salad for dinner...

What are you squeeing about today?

Reese and Finch and their gorgeous relationship that has such wonderfully subtle d/s undertones.

If you could rope old fandom friends into a new fandom, it would be.....

Dark Matter, Killjoys, and Person of Interest. I need more people to squee with and more people who ship my ships (DM: OnexTwoxThree; POI: FinchxReese; Killjoys: JohnxDutchxD'Avin). But seriously, DM and Killjoys are great space shows. And POI, I feel like my fellow McSheppers, Mulder/Krycek, and Harvey/Mike shippers would enjoy many things about Finch and Reese.

And Sense8 if you haven't watched it. I'm not in fandom per se, but everyone should watch the show. It's amazing.

What else is on your mind?

All the fics I have ideas for, but no time to write. How I'm upset about the Mulder/Scully split rumor for the XF revival. How I am pretty pissed at Marvel comics right now; I mean, Tony dating Mary Jane? NOPE. (Also, the eternal dark cloud that is my dissertation, hanging over my head.)
MF Luder
11 September 2015 @ 01:24 pm
Um, anyone else use tinypic? I suddenly can't get the html for all my gifs. Like when I click on the gif in the album - as I always have done - it no longer gives me the various html codes. But when I uploaded something, once it was loaded, those codes were there. Then, going back through the album to the pic I had just uploaded, I couldn't access codes again. The gifs are loading fine. I just can't get a code to copypaste them anywhere else.

I've never had this issue. I can't find anything on google (at least not with the searches I've tried). I'm kind of freaking out that I don't have access to post my gifs? I don't want to have to reload a gif from my computer to use it each time. That was the whole point of albums on the site.
MF Luder
09 September 2015 @ 06:06 pm
I know I have a ship type. But I REALLY have a ship type. Netflix put Person of Interest up and I foolishly (because I have so much stuff to do) began the show. I've watched 16 episodes in 2 days. Oops. And of course, I'm obsessed with Reese/Finch. As usual, the brainy snarky guy and the brawns snarky guy. Hell, I had a dream about them last night (though at one point it was about me and Harold which is kind of funny because I never saw Michael Emerson as my type but Harold's heart, genius, and socially awkward ways have won me over apparently).

I am also in love with Carter, she's AMAZING.

I've also decided the show is an original anti-hero story. Reese and Finch together are Batman (with killing). Reese is very much a S1 Arrow character (as in, saving good people, killing the bad). And since the commentary on surveillance has actually been surprisingly light (although I suppose when that's the whole context of the show, the commentary is the existence of the show itself?), I find myself drawn to it for that anti-hero pseudo-comicbook aspect. And Reese's rare smiles and snark. And Harold's quirks.

Don't get me started on drugged!Harold calling Reese his best friend's name (Nathan). I wasn't crying, I just had an eyelash in my eye! And the baby episode? They're were both surprisingly good parents (or baby sitters, at least). The exchange over the grenades was particularly married, too. Reese wanting a baby and asking "will we ever have children"?? Why yes, Mr. Reese, you and Mr. Finch will have children because I NEED IT. Adopt like 5 little girls, please!! Aunt Carter can come visit every day.

So, as usual, who's also a fan of this show? Or friends of fans? I've started consuming fic already (even knowing I could spoil myself, though I already know some generic later plot points like Root and Shaw). The one thing I've noticed with AO3 fic (so far) is no one is able to get them in character. They're admittedly hard with their quirks and silences (I'm not sure I could ever write them well), but so far, my itch has not been scratched.

Of course, I'm not entirely sure what that itch is (aside from in-character fic, generally). I want them together romantically, but I also am fully in support of an asexual!Finch. Now, this is entirely possible of course, it's just whether such fics exist (and are good). Or perhaps Finch is more sapiosexual - or maybe even more precise, sapioromantic and asexual. Sigh. The eternal struggle of "I want this fic but I don't want to write it, I want to read it."

I also feel like John (Reese) and John (Sheppard) are cut from the same cloth. SGA being a family friendly, cheesy sci-fi just never quite let us see it. The Storm/The Eye being the exception. I also see both of them walking into rooms in all black with Johnny Cash playing in the background.lol